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What We Solve

Finding answers to the heart’s many questions.

Cardiac events are a leading cause of death worldwide, but traditional monitoring solutions are passive, reactive, and don’t provide the full picture. Meanwhile, provider burden is at an all-time high—requiring solutions that improve the clinical workflow with new AI-enabled automation and insight. There must be a better way to solve all of these complex problems related to the heart.

Solve Complex Heart Related Problems

InfoBionic.Ai’s MoMe ARC® virtual cardiac telemetry platform brings together a tiered hospital-grade monitoring capability powered by advanced AI-enabled analysis to empower proactive cardiac interventions, surface actionable clinical insights, and identify critical cardiac indicators that are outside traditional monitoring’s line of sight. With the MoMe ARC®, providers and patients can experience a new level of efficiency and efficacy in remote patient monitoring.

Explore our solutions to healthcare’s greatest challenges:

Icon Arrhythmia Detection

Arrhythmia Detection

Enable timely detection and the appropriate management of arrhythmias, leading to better patient outcomes.

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Icon Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine

Design better patient care personalized to the individual with a flexible virtual patient monitoring system.

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Icon Virtual Care Delivery

Virtual Care Delivery

Bring in-person quality to virtual settings with hospital-grade monitoring from nearly anywhere.

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Icon Preventative Care

Preventative Care

Utilize higher-quality patient monitoring and AI-enabled analytics to get the full picture and make timely interventions that make a difference.

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Icon Value Based Care

Value-Based Care

Implement value-based care that focuses on better quality, provider performance, and the patient experience.

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Icon Hospital To Home


Enable efficient hospital-to-home monitoring that delivers insights to clinicians no matter where the patient is located.

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Icon Health Equity Access

Health Equity & Access

Improve access to healthcare for those who live in underserved areas or remote medical deserts.

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Discover how we can help solve your problems.

The MoMe ARC® is the future of better virtual care.