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Preventative Care

Unleashing the power of proactivity to prevent cardiac complications.

Managing chronic conditions requires more proactive care in order to prevent complications and improve outcomes. Without proper monitoring and intervention, patients may experience avoidable health issues, including more rapid disease progression, complications, and cardiac events.

High-quality preventative care is essential for maintaining the health and well-being of individuals with chronic conditions. But a lack of full picture data and outsized clinical burden stand as just a few of the many obstacles to effective preventative care. Until now.

InfoBionic.Ai believes that proactive cardiac monitoring should be accessible to every patient, particularly those with chronic or lifelong cardiac conditions. The MoMe® ARC overcomes barriers related to data and clinician burden with a streamlined, unobtrusive cardiac monitoring solution that delivers continuous, high-acuity insight to providers without additional office visits, administrative tasks, or time-consuming analysis.


Preventive care was the major reason for 33.4% of all health center visits.1

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The benefits of implementing proactive, preventative care with MoMe ARC®.

The MoMe® ARC enables more proactive care with benefits for patients and healthcare providers alike, including:

Icon Personalized Medicine

More personalized patient care.

Proactive, high-acuity cardiac data from MoMe ARC® enables providers to understand the nuances of each patient’s heart, shaping personalized care plans tailored to each patient’s individual indicators and risk factors.

Icon Enhanced Quality Of Life

Enhanced quality of life.

MoMe ARC®’s unobtrusive and highly intuitive patient experience empowers patients with chronic conditions to provide their providers with critical cardiac data without disrupting their daily activities, leading to enhanced quality of life and well-being.

Icon Quicken Intervention

Quicker interventions.

MoMe ARC®’s high-integrity data and AI-enabled insight together enable the rapid and early detection of even the most nuanced anomalies, allowing for prompt intervention around disease progression and complications.

Icon Additional Care Choices

Additional care choices.

The power of proactivity enables new possibilities in patient choice, particularly for complex chronic conditions that involve a variety of diverse care providers.

Icon Improved Patient Outcomes

Improved disease management.

By empowering patients with chronic conditions to take control of their health, the MoMe® ARC supports high adherence and more effective long-term disease management.

Icon Reduced Health Care Costs

Reduced healthcare costs.

By minimizing preventable complications, proactive cardiac monitoring reduces healthcare costs and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of chronic care management.

Are you ready to enable more proactive care?

Learn more about what MoMe® ARC can do for you.