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Health Equity and Access

Making better healthcare accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Healthcare access remains one of the biggest barriers to improving health outcomes population-wide. Telehealth has significantly enhanced the convenience of healthcare delivery—but technology limitations continue to keep patients and providers from realizing its full benefit.

Virtual telemetry has the potential to bring high-quality care to areas where it was never before available, such as rural areas with limited healthcare access. However, doing so requires solutions that overcome barriers to data quality and connectivity.

Reliable remote monitoring solutions can help overcome health inequity and enable patients to access healthcare from wherever they are. Through the MoMe ARC® virtual cardiac telemetry platform, providers can extend hospital-grade monitoring to nearly anywhere, maintaining continuous insight even amid breaks in connectivity.


45% of American adults say access to technology is a barrier when it comes to telehealth.1

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The benefits of improving health equity and access, made possible by MoMe® ARC.

The MoMe ARC® enables better access to healthcare, resulting in real benefits for both patients and providers, including:

Icon Time Savings

Time savings.

Telehealth minimizes in-person trips to run diagnostic tests that can be conducted remotely and can replace physical check-ins, saving time for both providers and patients who live in medical deserts.

Icon Early Intervention

Early intervention.

Early detection through remote monitoring allows for prompt intervention for any patient, regardless of their geographic location, which can prevent potentially life-threatening complications.

Icon Additional Care Choices

Additional care choices.

Selecting a specialized healthcare provider is essential, and with the obstacle of proximity minimized, patients can choose providers based on their expertise rather than location.

Icon Improved Patient Outcomes

Improved patient outcomes.

Timely detection and the appropriate management of symptoms through virtual care with MoMe ARC® can lead to better patient outcomes, like reduced morbidity and mortality rates.

Icon Reduced Health Care Costs

Reduced healthcare costs.

The MoMe ARC®’s remote cardiac monitoring helps reduce healthcare costs associated with emergency room visits and hospitalizations by empowering patients with limited access to proactively spot issues and run sophisticated diagnostics from right where they are.

Icon Enhanced Better Quality Of Life

Enhanced quality of life.

Easier access to care through MoMe ARC®’s continuous monitoring and convenient wearables can eliminate burdensome travel requirements for patients, enhancing and improving quality of life.

Are you ready to transform cardiac care convenience and access?

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