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The Virtual Cardiac Telemetry Company

The only continuous 6-lead remote cardiac monitoring & advanced AI analysis recognized as the gold standard in remote cardiac care.

Cardiac Monitoring
Cardiac Data

Where cardiac data becomes clinical insight.

InfoBionic.Ai’s MoMe ARC® is recognized as the leader in remote cardiac ECG quality, evidenced by our collaboration with today’s leading institutions. Our renowned virtual telemetry solutions set the highest standard in a continuous monitoring capability to enable more proactive and timely cardiac interventions.

A clear vision for remote cardiac monitoring, AI in ECG, and the future of virtual cardiac telemetry.

We’ve brought to market the only Advanced Remote Cardiology (ARC) platform underpinned by major advancements in AI-enabled clinical workflow and ECG quality. Our platform enables configurable hospital grade monitoring from nearly anywhere, setting a new standard for virtual cardiac telemetry. *MoMe ARC® 1-Lead Patch is not FDA approved and not for sale in the U.S.

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Embrace advanced AI analysis to enhance clinical workflow and deeper clinical understanding, resulting in earlier interventions and improved patient quality of life.

Mome Ai Enabled Solutions

MoMe Solutions

AI-enabled analysis sifts through data to bring the most relevant information to the forefront, identifying previously undetected anomalies and enabling rapid interventions at scale.

MoMe Sensors

Interchangeable and tiered biosensor lead sets can be tailored to suit each patient’s required level of acuity—from high acuity diagnostics to simple on-the-go-monitoring.

*MoMe ARC® 1-Lead Patch is not FDA approved and not for sale in the U.S.

6 Lead Continuous Remote Cardiac Monitoring
Mome Ai Embedded Analytics

MoMe Analytics

Business intelligence and AI-enabled analytics inform better decision making for cardiac care.