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Value-Based Care

Supporting the future of value-based care models.

Value-based care is a growing alternative to healthcare’s traditional fee-for-service payment model. Instead of paying providers for the quantity of services performed, value-based models incentivize providers on the quality and effectiveness of their care.

By empowering providers to spot issues proactively before they become catastrophic health events and providing high-quality data on a patient’s cardiac health, virtual cardiac telemetry allows providers to prepare for healthcare’s value-based future.

With the high-fidelity data and AI-assisted analysis needed to support a full range of clinical use cases, MoMe ARC® enhances the timeliness and precision of cardiac interventions needed to support all four key pillars of value-based care: data and health informatics, benchmarking and optimization, delivery organizations and change management, and incentives and payments.


Value-based care patients saw a 23.2% cost savings compared to original Medicare, averaging $527 in savings annually per patient.1

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The benefits of enabling value-based care models with MoMe ARC®.

The MoMe ARC® can help you prepare for tomorrow’s value-based reality while unlocking powerful benefits today, including:

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Optimized resource allocation.

The MoMe ARC® empowers providers to prioritize their resources more effectively by identifying high-risk patients and intervening early to achieve better outcomes.

Icon Reduced Costs

Reduced healthcare costs.

By improving the timeliness and precision of diagnoses and treatments with MoMe ARC® and assessing the impact of interventions on patient health, providers can radically reduce costs and optimize operations.

Icon Enhanced Care Coordination

Enhanced care coordination.

By sharing real-time patient insights through MoMe ARC® and facilitating communication and collaboration among clinical teams, care coordination becomes seamless, leading to more efficient delivery.

Icon Early Detection Of Health Changes

Early detection of health issues.

Early detection of deviations from normal health parameters or cardiac readings through MoMe ARC®’s near real-time monitoring can prevent complications and reduce the need for costly interventions.

Icon Data Driven Decision Making

Data-driven decision making.

The MoMe ARC® enables evidence-based decision-making, empowering providers to identify opportunities for intervention, refine care protocols, and enhance patient outcomes.

Icon Increase Adherence

Improved patient engagement.

With the MoMe ARC®, patients are empowered to take a more active role in managing their cardiac health with access to near real-time data and a convenient, patient-centered experience that maximizes adherence.

Are you ready to embrace value-based care?

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