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Information Technology

Leveraging technology to ultimately improve patient health.

Virtual care is rapidly evolving as it becomes more mainstream, and IT leaders are at the forefront of enabling this change. Today, technology has pushed the boundaries of healthcare further than ever before—but without the input and expertise of IT professionals, the innovation stops here.

The MoMe ARC® is a powerful tool that IT leaders love. This next-gen solution is designed to meet the highest IT standards and supports the monitoring of even the most intricate cardiac conditions, with no extra infrastructure or complex setup required.

The MoMe ARC® redefines traditional remote monitoring and the approach to digital healthcare strategy with a full-disclosure model that offers seamless integration, AI-assisted analysis, and advanced connectivity. The easy-to-use platform’s advanced data capabilities elevate IT leaders’ ability to support effective and actionable virtual care.


By 2025, 70.6 million patients in the US (nearly 26.2% population), will use remote patient monitoring devices.1

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Cutting-edge technology at the heart of healthcare.

The MoMe ARC® empowers information technology leaders to:

Icon Secure Reliable Connection

Ensure secure, reliable connection.

Achieve exceptional flexibility and ensure a constant connection with reliable connectivity and multicarrier compatibility that ensures every heartbeat is captured.

Icon Seamless Integration

Promote seamless integration.

Benefit from compatibility across RPM devices and a simplified technical component that eliminates complicated, individualized device integrations.

Icon Maintain Security

Maintain security.

Ensure regulatory compliance and high levels of security for patient data with a HIPAA-compliant solution.

Icon Streamline Analysis

Streamline analysis.

Empower data-driven decision-making at unprecedented speed by harnessing the power of AI-assisted analytics.

Icon Data Gaps

Eliminate data gaps.

Mitigate data loss with sensors that securely transmit 100% of the high-fidelity cardiac arrhythmia detection data to clinicians in near real-time.

Icon Infrastructure Spend

Reduce infrastructure spend.

Reduce spending on complex technical infrastructure with a scalable telemetry platform to support evolving care and expanding business models.

“A remote patient monitoring system is only as good as the technology that powers it. The MoMe ARC® is a powerful platform that was designed with connectivity, data integrity, and healthcare innovation in mind.

– Eric Baumann, Chief Technology Officer