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The MoMe ARC®

Remote cardiac monitoring at the heart of virtual care.

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Diagnostic remote monitoring made for virtual cardiology. The sky is the limit.

Today’s healthcare providers require a flexible and scalable approach to cardiac telemetry that offers the highest quality and clinical adaptability needed to meet the required level of acuity in nearly any care setting. The MoMe ARC® is on a mission to deliver on all of these requirements and so much more.

With the MoMe ARC® virtual cardiac telemetry platform, providers can tailor care to nearly any clinical use case with full confidence in the full disclosure model that’s differentiated InfoBionic.Ai from the very start. The MoMe ARC® brings together a tiered hospital-grade monitoring capability powered by advanced AI-enabled analysis to empower proactive cardiac interventions, surface actionable clinical insights, and identify the critical cardiac indicators lurking outside traditional monitoring’s line of sight.

*MoMe ARC® 1-Lead Patch is not FDA-approved and not for sale in the U.S.

What’s in a name? Everything we stand for.

A variety of clinical
use cases.

Our flexible lead configurations are designed to support a complete range of data acuity—from less complex to more advanced cardiac monitoring use cases.

100% of the data, 100% of the time.

With the ability to ensure continuous data flow from body-worn devices, providers are able to monitor patients nearly anywhere virtual care is delivered without missing a beat.

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Founded on quality
and innovation.

Our core competency in remote cardiac arrhythmia detection enables us to deliver high-fidelity, AI-enabled insights directly to care providers.

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Where can the platform take you?

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Virtual monitoring, with no strings attached.

We’ve designed the ability to capture high-fidelity data using Bluetooth to untethered sensors for the ultimate patient convenience and ease-of-use—no need to be attached at the hip. 

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Highly durable, just like you need it to be.

The platform’s hardware technology is water resistant, highly durable, and able to continuously monitor patients’ cardiac activity—no matter where they go. 

Icon Device Agnostic

Device agnostic for a range of compatible third-party devices.

While the platform’s core competency remains cardiology, it will be able to support a range of compatible third-party RPM devices—from blood pressure cuffs to oximeters, scales, and more. 

Icon Ai Enabled

AI-enabled analysis for enhanced clinical impact.

The solution puts the power of automation and AI to work with algorithms that make it possible for providers to instantly interpret massive amounts of data and access insights for better decision-making.

Everything remote cardiac monitoring should be, and so much more.

Explore the MoMe ARC® product family.

  • MoMe Sensors
  • MoMe Gateway®
  • MoMe Solutions
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MoMe Sensors

Interchangeable and tiered biosensor lead sets can be tailored to suit each patient’s level of acuity—from high acuity diagnostics to simple on-the-go monitoring. *MoMe ARC® 1-Lead Patch is not FDA approved and not for sale in the U.S.

Platform Slider Gateway

MoMe Gateway

The MoMe Gateway® provides continuous connectivity and hospital grade data from virtually anywhere.

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MoMe Solutions

AI-enabled analysis identifies aberrations and anomalies that often go undetected, alleviates clinical burden, and enables rapid interventions at scale.

What does this mean for me?

Learn how MoMe ARC® can support your role in virtual cardiac care.