MoMe Sensors

Tailored cardiac care for any patient, nearly anywhere they go.

At last, cardiac monitoring can be tailored to any patient, nearly anywhere they go, while providing the quality clinicians demand and the convenience patients have come to love. MoMe Sensors are a scalable solution that’s configurable for the provider and convenient for the patient—with modular, tiered biosensor lead sets that can be tailored to suit each patient’s level of acuity.

*MoMe ARC® 1-Lead Patch is not FDA approved and not for sale in the U.S.

6 Lead Continuous Remote Cardiac Monitoring

What are MoMe Sensors?

Icon Lightweight Sensors

Discreet and lightweight sensors go wherever the patient goes

Icon Ai Assistance

Optimized for diagnostics and ongoing management

Icon Proactive

Can be used for proactive or broader use cases

Icon Cardiac Monitoring

Meets the requirements of most cardiac monitoring use cases

Using MoMe Sensors is as effortless as breathing.

  • Sleek and lightweight sensors.
  • Can be comfortably worn under a patient’s clothes.
  • Can be worn untethered from Gateway device.
  • Internal storage ensures no data is lost due to loss of communication.
  • Current 3 electrode sensor provides a hospital grade 6-lead ECG data review.
Elderly Cardiac Patients

Explore what the hype is about.

Mome Arc Support Virtual Cardia Care

Mome Sensors

What can MoMe Sensors do for me?

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