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Arrhythmia Detection

Painting the full picture of a patient’s heart—beat by beat.

Arrhythmia detection plays a vital role in maintaining heart health, preventing complications, and improving outcomes for those with heart rhythm disorders.

But without continuous cardiac monitoring, important patterns may be missed—and life-threatening events can unexpectedly occur.

With InfoBionic.Ai’s MoMe ARC®, better arrhythmia detection is possible. While traditional systems don’t allow providers to “see what they can’t see,” the MoMe ARC® paints the full picture of the patient’s heart with insights that go beyond programmed alerts. The platform’s full-disclosure, on-demand viewing, and 24-hour trendline make the process of identifying arrhythmias easier and more effective.


It is estimated that 12.1 million people in the United States will have AFib in 2030.1

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The benefits of better arrhythmia detection with MoMe ARC®.

The MoMe ARC® offers better arrhythmia detection that results in real benefits for both patients and providers, including:

Icon Early Intervention

Early intervention.

The MoMe ARC® assists clinicians in early detection that allows for prompt intervention, preventing potentially life-threatening complications associated with untreated arrhythmias.

Icon Reduced Costs

Reduced healthcare costs.

Early intervention made possible by the MoMe ARC® may help reduce healthcare costs associated with emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and complications related to untreated arrhythmias.

Icon Improved Patient Outcomes

Improved patient outcomes.

The MoMe ARC® enables clinicians with timely detection and appropriate management of arrhythmias, which can lead to better patient outcomes, like reduced morbidity and mortality rates.

Icon Preventive Measures

Preventive measures.

Identifying those at risk of developing arrhythmias allows for preventive measures like lifestyle modifications or medications to reduce the potential of arrhythmia occurrence or progression.

Icon Enhanced Quality Life

Enhanced quality of life.

The effective management of arrhythmias can alleviate symptoms like dizziness and fatigue, improving patients’ quality of life and enhancing their comfort.

Icon Research Innovation

Research and innovation.

Better arrhythmia detection can contribute to advancements in research and innovation, leading to the development of improved diagnostic tools and treatments.

Are you ready to understand the secrets of the heart like never before?

Learn more about what MoMe ARC® can do for you.