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Extending comprehensive cardiac care from the hospital to the home.

Ensuring a smooth transition during discharge from the hospital is essential for patient well-being and recovery. But without the right remote patient monitoring system, issues may go undetected, leading to readmissions—or worse, life-threatening complications.

InfoBionic.Ai understands the risks patients face when leaving the hospital, especially those with complex medical needs. That’s why we offer innovative hospital-to-home care with the MoMe ARC®, designed to provide continuous monitoring and support for every step of the patient journey.

With MoMe ARC®’s innovative platform, continuous monitoring, AI-enabled analysis, and high-integrity data are finally within reach, allowing patients to receive the same level of care at home as they would in the hospital.


According to a study, costs for ‘hospital-at-home’ patients were 19% lower, with equal or better outcomes compared to similar inpatients.1

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The benefits of hospital-to-home cardiac care with the MoMe® ARC.

The MoMe ARC® enables a seamless transition from hospital to home with tangible benefits for patients and healthcare providers alike, including:

Icon Early Detection

Early detection.

MoMe ARC® makes continuous monitoring possible from nearly any location, empowering the early detection of health issues and other complications post-discharge, allowing for prompt intervention.

Icon Enhanced Quality Of Life 1

Enhanced quality of life.

With high-quality remote monitoring, patients can recover in the comfort of their own homes, improving their overall experience and quality of life.

Icon Remote Access

Extended visibility.

With the MoMe ARC®, healthcare providers can access high-quality patient data remotely, allowing them to monitor patient progress during the critical days and weeks following their discharge.

Icon Reduced Costs

Reduced healthcare costs.

By mitigating dangerous complications and readmissions, hospital-to-home care helps hospitals and patients reduce costs and optimize interventions.

Icon Seamless Integration

Seamless integration.

The MoMe ARC® seamlessly integrates with existing hospital systems, making it easy to transition patients from the hospital to the home with the same high-quality care.

Icon Improved Patient Outcomes

Improved patient outcomes.

By providing continuous monitoring and support, hospital-to-home care solutions help reduce readmissions and dangerous complications for better long-term patient outcomes.

Are you ready to implement better hospital-to-home care?

Learn more about what MoMe ARC® can do for you.