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Differentiated by quality. Committed to transformation.

A bold new model for virtual telemetry, from the remote cardiac arrhythmia detection company you know and trust.

When InfoBionic.Ai was founded more than a decade ago, we reimagined accepted norms for cardiac arrhythmia detection with our full disclosure model, which was built upon the core principles of quality and innovation. Today, we’re carrying those same pillars forward as we shape the future of virtual telemetry in cardiac care.

As healthcare continues its virtual, value-based metamorphosis, providers are challenged to navigate new care and reimbursement models without ever losing focus on their patients. To support this new world of healthcare, telemetry must also adapt.

As a virtual telemetry company specialized in remote cardiac arrhythmia monitoring, our strategy is to continue our legacy of quality and innovation through the MoMe ARC®, which we see as the only platform on the market capable of supporting the full spectrum of acuity that is required in a virtual care world. Built with the same standards of quality that have earned us the trust of cardiology leaders, our flexible platform will hand power back to clinicians while enabling them to embrace virtual care with full confidence.

Core Values

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for all that virtual remote monitoring can and should be.

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solutions that are the gold standard in cardiac arrhythmia detection.

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for providers, with no intermediary between them and patient data.

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focused on delivering solutions that are transformative and first-in-class.

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for doing things better to make life easier for the providers and patients we serve.

“Cardiac care has been embracing virtual models for years in the form of remote arrhythmia detection and monitoring. Today, these models have taken on new significance as they play a broader role in cardiology across disciplines. At InfoBionic.Ai, we have always innovated a beat ahead. We are proud to continue our legacy of innovation through yet another wave of change.”

– Stuart Long, Chief Executive Officer
Meet Leadership Team
Meet our leadership team.

Our management team passionately shares in our mission to unleash a new standard for disclosure telemetry in a virtual care world.

Meet Board Of Directors
Meet our board of directors.

Our board of directors provides deep industry expertise and guidance as we continue to transform virtual telemetry through MoMe ARC®.