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Elevating cardiac care inside—and beyond—your four walls.

Digital healthcare is rapidly evolving, and cardiology practices are leading the way. Today’s practices remain at the forefront of modern cardiac care, serving as pioneers and shaping the future of healthcare.

InfoBionic.Ai partners with leading cardiology practices to offer the dynamic MoMe ARC®, a solution that enables cardiologists to better care for patients through virtual telemetry.

The MoMe ARC® goes beyond traditional remote cardiac arrhythmia detection with a full-disclosure model that sets a new standard. This virtual telemetry platform was designed for nearly all acuity levels, from on-the-go preventative monitoring to more complex cardiac cases. It can be adapted to your practice’s unique needs, delivering unmatched virtual cardiac monitoring support for you and your patients.


65% of doctors utilize RPM technology for its medical management capabilities and 60% have adopted remote patient monitoring for easier care coordination.1

Mome Arc Platform For Remote Arrhythmia Detection

The capabilities your practice needs. The data quality you require.

The MoMe ARC® empowers cardiology practices to:

Icon Intervene

Intervene faster.

Shorten the distance between your practice and your patients’ data with near real-time access that empowers clinicians to intervene when it matters most.

Icon Understand Whole Picture

Understand the whole picture.

Your team will never miss a beat again with a 24/7 full-disclosure model that extends the vantage point to include data before and after detected events.

Icon Improve Quality

Improve quality.

Extend the benefits of remote patient monitoring to even the most complicated cardiac conditions with a platform that achieves hospital-grade monitoring from nearly anywhere.

Icon Increase Adherence

Increase adherence.

Provide your patients with a platform they love to use, with an effortless experience that inspires higher levels of adherence and engagement.

Icon Enhance Efficiency

Enhance efficiency.

Eliminate layers of time and cost in the management of cardiac arrhythmia detection with an intuitive, accessible platform and AI-assisted data interpretation.

Icon Billing

Implementation your way.

Implement the MoMe ARC® the way you want for your practice—from insource to outsource and anywhere in between.

“The workflow has been more efficient for us from both the staff and physician perspective. Customizable alerts, utilization tracking/inventory management, improved patient comfort and compliance have been beneficial. The quality of ECG tracings is high, and we have found the business model to be useful as well.

– Cardiologist, Marple Medical Associates