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Medical Leaders

Empowering a more efficient and equitable future.

In the evolving landscape of virtual care, medical leaders are at the forefront, steering patient care towards new heights. With the intricacies of diverse patient needs and the multifaceted applications in daily practice, medical leaders are seizing the opportunity to actively engage in the transformative power of virtual telemetry.

InfoBionic.Ai is supporting pioneering medical leaders to power more collaborative, efficient healthcare through the MoMe ARC®. This virtual telemetry solution delivers more efficient and effective patient care.

The MoMe ARC® mitigates clinical burden and provides the efficiency and quality of patient care that medical leaders seek. The platform utilizes AI-enabled analysis and high-integrity data to streamline resources and improve care. It seamlessly integrates with existing systems to foster collaboration between clinicians, ensuring peak organizational efficiency and optimized workflows.


In one study, the implementation of RPM reduced hospital readmission by 85% and saved costs up to USD $5.5 million.1

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The efficiency gains you strive for. The data to back it up.

The MoMe ARC® empowers medical leaders to:

Icon Seamless Collaboration

Ensure seamless collaboration.

Foster communication and seamless data exchange between different healthcare systems and providers with an accessible platform that gives clinicians access to the full history of patient data.

Icon Operational Effeiciency

Maximize operational efficiency.

Deliver the highest standard of cardiac care while streamlining the processes involved with consistent remote monitoring and AI-assisted reporting for actionable treatment.

Icon Improve Quality

Improve care quality.

Extend the benefits of remote patient monitoring to even the most complicated cardiac conditions with a platform that achieves hospital-grade monitoring from anywhere.

Icon Configurability Convienence

Enjoy configurability and convenience.

The scalable telemetry platform enables configurability for your healthcare institution’s unique needs, integrates seamlessly with existing systems, and supports evolving care and reimbursement models.

Icon Ease Financial Pressure

Ease financial pressures.

Balance budgets and optimize revenue cycles with a solution that offers full ownership of the reimbursement process.

Icon Affordable Alternatives

Offer affordable alternatives.

Eliminate the costly intake and treatment fees of in-patient care with a solution that offers the same high-level care without the financial burden of a hospital stay for patients.

I found that the MoMe ARC® was easy to use for patients and staff, and provided high quality recordings. The ability to manage patient information from multiple sites through the online and mobile interfaces was appealing and has been extremely useful.”

– Customer