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Powering innovation that connects patients to care.

Virtual care allows for a more efficient and innovative approach to healthcare, and virtual health leaders are taking the reins of this transformative technology.

InfoBionic.Ai is focused on elevating cardiac healthcare and serves as a partner to today’s future-focused virtual care leaders. The dynamic MoMe ARC® Solution is a cutting-edge virtual telemetry platform designed to meet the standards of remote monitoring and support care for even the most intricate cardiac conditions.

The MoMe ARC® brings a new vision for remote patient monitoring. With multiple lead configurations and a full-disclosure model, the platform redefines the boundaries of virtual care. Backed by InfoBionic’s trusted track record of industry-leading advancement and our mission to elevate the quality of care through innovative technology, the MoMe ARC®’s advanced data capabilities and easy-to-use platform allow leaders to accelerate better outcomes for all.


of clinical leaders identify the need to make additional investments in virtual health.1

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Tomorrow’s virtual care model enabling personalized medicine today.

The MoMe ARC® Solution empowers virtual care leaders to:

Icon Optimize Efficiency

Maximize operational efficiency.

Deliver the highest standard of cardiac care while streamlining the processes involved with consistent remote monitoring and AI-assisted reporting for actionable treatment.

Icon Increase Adherence 3

Increase adherence.

Provide your patients with a platform they love to use, through an effortless experience that inspires higher levels of adherence and engagement.

Icon Improve Quality

Improve quality.

Extend the benefits of remote patient monitoring to even the most complicated cardiac conditions with a platform that achieves hospital-grade monitoring from nearly anywhere.

Icon Affordable Alternatives

Offer affordable alternatives.

Eliminate the costly intake and treatment fees of in-patient care with a solution that offers the same high-level care without the financial burden of a hospital stay for patients.

Icon Adapt To Every Use Case

Adapt to nearly every use case.

Create a consistent quality of care across a variety of use cases with flexible settings and a highly configurable device.

Icon Research Innovation

Enable innovation.

Tomorrow’s patient monitoring technology is available now with a platform built on innovation and able to support the full spectrum of acuity that is required in a virtual care world.

“We understand the importance of high-quality data and the need for immediate access. That’s why we’ve built the MoMe ARC® Solution, an innovative platform backed by real-time data that gives every virtual care stakeholder the control, flexibility, and convenience they need.

– Stuart Long, CEO