Virtual Cardiac Telemetry

Virtual cardiac telemetry, like you’ve never seen it before.

Virtual care has found its permanent place across clinical disciplines, and its potential is particularly exciting in the field of cardiology. The future of virtual cardiac care is bright, but realizing this vision requires a virtual telemetry strategy that is capable of bringing high-fidelity, hospital-grade monitoring to patients anywhere they are.

Introducing the MoMe® ARC, one platform for cardiac telemetry in a virtual world. Through its dynamic data solutions and devices, the MoMe® Arc will live at the heart of any virtual cardiology program. From hospital-to-home monitoring to diagnostic monitoring on-the-go, the solution is being designed to be tailored to a wide variety of clinical use cases.

Looking to unleash the power of virtual care beyond cardiology? The MoMe® ARC Platform will support that, too, with support for a diverse range of RPM devices—including blood pressure cuffs, oximeters, scales, and more within a virtual care model.

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