Virtual Cardiac Care 

Any level of cardiac acuity. Anywhere virtual cardiac care is delivered. 

Did you know that cardiology was one of the first disciplines to embrace virtual care in the form of remote patient monitoring? The earliest forms of remote patient monitoring were limited by acuity, which made them suitable only for less complicated conditions, and their connectivity, which made them best-fit for scenarios in which time was not of the essence. Today, providers can remove those barriers, unleashing virtual cardiac care with no limits.

Introducing the MoMe® ARC, the first platform for remote cardiac monitoring that is being designed to support the acuity and connectivity required by today’s sophisticated virtual care landscape. Through an all-in-one device, providers will be able to tailor the solution for low-, mid-, and high-acuity virtual cardiac care use cases with complete and total continuity.

Take virtual cardiac care to the next level with our suite of cardiac telemetry solutions that eliminate the gaps between providers and their patient’s data, and enable high-fidelity data in virtual care scenarios that were never before possible.

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Do you want to bring new levels of acuity to your virtual cardiac care?

That’s why we get up every morning. Learn how MoMe™ ARC Platform brings new levels of acuity, quality, and flexibility to virtual cardiac care.