Remote Cardiac Arrhythmia Monitoring

A bold new vision for arrhythmia detection and monitoring.

Cardiology was among the first clinical disciplines to take a leap into virtual care through remote arrhythmia detection and monitoring. Since the very start, InfoBionic has been at the helm. Today, we’re making yet another bold foray into the future by raising the standard for the acuity, quality, and convenience of remote cardiac arrhythmia detection.

With its full disclosure model, high-fidelity cardiac monitoring data, and heritage of innovation, the MoMe® ARC will provide clinicians with the real-time insight they need to detect cardiac arrhythmias and diagnose patients with higher accuracy and speed than before. In addition to raising the standard clinically, the MoMe™ ARC Platform also raises the standard for convenience by providing patients streamlined, modern devices that are ubiquitous and easy to use.

By showing cardiologists what they’ve been missing, MoMe® ARC supports the detection of even the most complex arrhythmia events through cloud-based tools that affirm data integrity, provide AI-assisted analysis, and enable secure access to patient data at all times. Virtual care is here to stay, and so is the MoMe® ARC.

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