The dramatic 6000% increase in telehealth visits since the COVID-19 pandemic began demands an industry leader capable of revolutionizing remote patient monitoring.(1) The InfoBionic team of experienced healthcare pioneers is developing a full suite of hospital-grade virtual telemetry solutions.(2) Their goal is to streamline the patient transition from the hospital to virtual care in the home with the highest quality and technologically advanced telemetry platform in the healthcare industry.

(Waltham, MA) September 26, 2022—The Virtual Telemetry Company, InfoBionic, is introducing the cloud-based MoMe™ ARC (Advanced Remote Cardiology) Platform capable of capturing real-time to near real-time cardiac monitoring data. There are no limits to the level of medical complexity. The MoMe™ ARC Platform is being designed as noninvasive and adaptable for low-acuity to high-acuity patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings.(2) MoMe™ ARC technology also is intended to support a range of compatible third-party RPM (remote patient monitoring) devices, such as blood pressure cuffs, oximeters, and scales.(4)

MoMe™ cardiac devices can detect and assist clinicians with the diagnoses of up to 30 different arrhythmias.(1) When a patient presses a button on the device, the cardiologist receives the patient’s data on a cell phone, tablet, or PC and can immediately make a cardiac arrhythmia diagnosis.(3) Patients become more engaged in their health care, and waiting days to weeks for test results is no longer the norm.

The next generation MoMe devices and sensors are being designed to offer virtual, high-fidelity cardiac data using Bluetooth® technology, with the intention to allow for maximum comfort. The intended highly durable and water-resistant designs will allow for monitoring a patient’s cardiac activity no matter where they are, much like it already does today. We see a future where battery management becomes a thing of the past and know that integrated battery and wireless charging capabilities, will offer the most convenience and peace of mind.(4)

The future of the MoMe™ ARC platform is being designed for continuous monitoring from hospital to home with no data interruption. The plans include to offer configuration flexibility a modular lead set suite from 1 channel to 3 channels to best suit each patient’s individual needs. MoMe™ Solutions enables secure access for healthcare providers to interpret patient data with AI-assisted analysis, quality control, alerting, and reporting.(4)

InfoBionic CEO Stuart Long explains, “We were the first FDA-approved deep learning software-as-a-service remote cardiac monitoring platform for the home that replicates in-hospital style monitoring to capture and stream beat-to-beat full disclosure cardiac data for 24/7 on-demand review while allowing for global billing. We like to say that we see 100% of the heartbeats, 100% of the time. Our mobile cardiac monitoring system shortens the distance between physicians and their patients, giving them new levels of control and deeper insight to make more efficient and effective decisions and diagnoses—all while optimizing the patient experience and the practice’s workflows.”(3)

Long also notes that “as healthcare moves away from the traditional fee-for-service model, our unique Software as a Service (SaaS) solution positions the practice to better adapt to and compete in a value-based system.”(5)

The InfoBionic mission statement is to enable the first virtual telemetry system for low- to high-acuity patients from hospital to home. InfoBionic helps improve patient outcomes and saves lives.

About InfoBionic

InfoBionic’s digital technology has transformed the efficiency and economics of cardiac remote patient monitoring. The company’s MoMe™ ARC platform vision is to remove the roadblocks hindering remote diagnosis and decision-making. The Massachusetts-based team of seasoned entrepreneurs have had successful careers in healthcare, IT, medical devices, and mobile technology and bring specific expertise in remote monitoring and cardiology. Visit 


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