Boston, MA, February 7, 2018 – InfoBionic, a digital health company focused on creating next generation solutions for outpatient cardiac arrhythmia monitoring, has announced impressive growth rates for 2017, exceeding the company’s projected milestones for the year. The growth was driven by significant market acceptance and adoption of its MoMe® Kardia remote cardiac monitoring system used to diagnose and manage patients that are suspected of having or are experiencing cardiac arrhythmias.

MoMe® Kardia is the first and only deep learning Software as a Service (SaaS) remote cardiac monitoring platform that replicates in-hospital monitoring with full disclosure cardiac data delivered direct to physicians for 24/7 on-demand review. Traditional remote cardiac monitoring systems use models where a third party service provider first receives and interprets the monitoring data before forwarding to the physician, delaying review and extending the time before the physician has data available to make a diagnosis. By providing physicians near real-time access to beat-to-beat true full disclosure data and the ability to review automated reports on demand, MoMe® Kardia can significantly reduce time to diagnosis and equally, if not more importantly, time to intervention.

“I put [InfoBionic’s MoMe® Kardia] MCT on a patient on a Friday, and it picked up 10-14 second asystolic events the following morning,” said Dr. Michael Mazzini of North Suburban Cardiology Associates. “I was able to get a pacemaker in him that same morning. There was no hospital telemetry stay, no ED visit, no unnecessary workups, and no delay in diagnosis; plus, I was able to access full disclosure data otherwise not available to me with traditional IDTF type MCT or extended Holter. In less than 24 hours from MCT hookup, we had definitive intervention and treatment. That’s a tremendous value to patients, clinicians, hospitals, and payers.”

The significant market traction that InfoBionic has achieved in 2017 reinforces the market interest and demand for its innovative monitoring platform. 2017 resulted in the company’s number of newly installed customers growing by over 50% quarter over quarter. This resulted in nearly a 600% growth in both new customers and annual recurring revenue over the previous year. Customers include one the of largest cardiology practices in the U.S. as well as small and large health systems. The system’s ability to reduce time to intervention is proving out in practice, with implementations that range from practices using 1 device to those with more than 100 devices.

“It has been exciting to see physicians and health systems embrace the new model for remote cardiac monitoring that MoMe® Kardia offers, and to see the real-world, transformative benefits it is having on their ability to diagnose and treat patients faster,” said Stuart Long, CEO of InfoBionic. “MoMe® Kardia is challenging the status quo of traditional complex, slow remote monitoring processes. Our platform is poised to obsolete the traditional models of outsourced remote cardiac monitoring. Think of it as floppy disks and fax machines vs. Dropbox. In today’s world, there simply is no comparison and the market is proving it as a model that greatly benefits all members of the healthcare ecosystem and most importantly, the patients they serve.”


About InfoBionic

InfoBionic is a digital health company focused on creating next generation patient monitoring solutions for chronic disease management with an initial market focus on cardiac arrhythmias. InfoBionic’s lead product, MoMe® Kardia, is the only remote cardiac arrhythmia detection and monitoring system that replicates in-hospital telemetry data, right in the office, by giving physicians 24/7 on-demand access to full disclosure Holter, Event, and MCT data via a HIPAA-compliant portal app. For more information, visit

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