Company Surpasses Milestone of 7,000 Patients Monitored with MoMe® Kardia in Key Markets Where Launched

Boston, MA, August 8, 2017 – InfoBionic, a digital health company focused on creating superior solutions for outpatient cardiac arrhythmia monitoring, has announced significant company growth spurred by rapid adoption of its lead product, MoMe® Kardia, within the strategic markets it has been launched. The MoMe® Kardia remote cardiac monitoring system, used to diagnose and manage patients that are suspected of having or are experiencing cardiac arrhythmias, is the first and only deep learning Software as a Service (SaaS) remote cardiac monitoring platform that replicates in-hospital monitoring with full disclosure cardiac data delivered direct to physicians for 24/7 on-demand review. Since introducing their disruptive model in key USA territories at the start of 2017, InfoBionic has averaged a month over month subscription growth rate in excess of 35% and recently surpassed the 7,000 mark for patients monitored using MoMe® Kardia.

Initial feedback from the physicians and patients using the system has been very positive, and connotes the potential it has to shift the market away from traditional approaches that use third party service providers to provide the monitoring and reporting – and which typically only include data on detected events. “For me, it’s the control over all the data that I think is the most compelling, and the biggest game changer,” said Dr. Michael Mazzini, who has been using MoMe® Kardia at his North Suburban Cardiology Associates practice since it was introduced to the market. “You can choose what you want to get notified for, what you want to see, and when you want to see it. Full disclosure is also helpful because you can scroll back and look at hard data trends, such as when a tachycardia might be ‘warming up’, or to see if anything was missed on a report. We have had some very good luck detecting new-onset atrial fibrillation with this monitoring as well.”

Another noted benefit has been enhanced patient compliance, resulting from the lightweight, ergonomic construction of the one-piece MoMe® Kardia monitor. Patients have indicated that they are able to wear the device comfortably during the course of their monitoring period, which enables the physician to collect all the data needed to make an effective diagnosis. “I’ve used a different heart monitor before that was so bulky and frustrating that I couldn’t complete my doctor’s request to wear it for two weeks,” said K. Yost, a patient recently monitored with MoMe® Kardia. “I’m so thankful that this time I was given the MoMe® Kardia monitor, because it was both comfortable and effective. Many times I forgot I even had it on, and I credit it with providing the answers that allowed me to get proper treatment so that I can now be back to my normal activities.”

Additionally, InfoBionic believes that its SaaS-based solution positions practices to better adapt to and compete in a value-based system. “Our model allows the practice – without adding additional staff resources – to be the place of service instead of relying on a third party, creating a significant reimbursement advantage,” said Stuart Long, CEO of InfoBionic. “The practice can bill for both the professional and technical portion of service, while eliminating the redundant processes currently experienced when using a third party to provide monitoring services. It simplifies delivery to improve the physician and patient clinical experience, while also transforming the practice’s economics. We feel that it is a true win-win-win for all involved, and the incredible adoption we’ve achieved thus far shows that the market agrees.”


About InfoBionic

InfoBionic is a digital health company focused on creating superior patient monitoring solutions for chronic disease management with an initial market focus on cardiac arrhythmias. InfoBionic’s lead product, MoMe® Kardia, is the only remote cardiac arrhythmia detection and monitoring system that replicates in-hospital telemetry data, right in the office, by giving physicians 24/7 on-demand access to full disclosure Holter, Event, and MCT data via a HIPAA-compliant portal app. For more information, visit

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