Industry pioneer continues to push boundaries with innovative solutions designed to improve patient outcomes and accelerate remote cardiac telemetry’s advancements.

(BOSTON, MA) May 14, 2024InfoBionic.Ai, an innovative digital health company providing industry-validated highest quality ECG and AI-powered diagnostic remote patient monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce a series of new advancements that usher in the next generation of the MoMe ARC® product suite.  

“Our continued pursuit of innovation has yielded new advancements in our MoMe ARC® suite of products, from our next-generation MoMe ARC® 6-Lead Sensor and upcoming MoMe ARC® 1-Lead Patch to the powerful business intelligence of MoMe Analytics™,” says Stuart Long, CEO of InfoBionic.Ai. “We are proud to unveil a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge advancements that will equip providers with a powerful ecosystem of solutions designed to optimize every aspect of remote cardiac monitoring—from patient comfort and data quality to operational efficiency and clinical performance.”

As the first and only continuous 6-lead FDA-cleared platform leveraging leading-edge AI analysis and native business intelligence, the MoMe ARC® delivers unparalleled quality, convenience, and flexibility, empowering providers to achieve unprecedented efficiency in diagnostic remote cardiac monitoring. With an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing virtual cardiac telemetry, InfoBionic.Ai continues to pioneer innovative products that align with its mission to provide superior remote cardiac care for all. 

Introducing the Next-Generation MoMe ARC® 6-Lead Sensor 

The next iteration of the MoMe ARC® 6-Lead Sensor enables providers to obtain the highest quality in remote cardiac telemetry coupled with the convenience of a discreetly worn wearable sensor.  

The new sensor is engineered to facilitate hospital-grade virtual cardiac telemetry, offering near real-time visibility and AI-powered insights. Lightweight and discreet, it seamlessly integrates into patients’ existing routines, enhancing adherence and comfort.  

The latest sensor design boasts multiple configurations to support a comprehensive range of remote cardiac monitoring needs. With a removable and rechargeable pod, it empowers providers to tailor the application of remote cardiac telemetry to the individual patient’s needs and allows for the physicians to choose between multi-lead or single lead based on the patient’s medical necessity. 

Coming Soon: The MoMe ARC® 1-Lead Patch 

InfoBionic.Ai is in the final phase of an abbreviated submission for the MoMe ARC® 1-Lead Patch, which will be submitted to the FDA in early summer 2024. It will be the next addition to the MoMe ARC® suite of patient-worn sensors. The patch release is planned to seamlessly blend into any inventory of MoMe ARC® sensors and can be used with or without an external cellular or Wi-Fi-based gateway, depending on test type. The flexibility to interchange the same pod from single to multi-lead configurations ensures that both quality and convenience can be achieved by all. 

“We are incredibly excited to forge ahead in our mission to advance more effective remote cardiac care,” says InfoBionic.Ai CEO Stuart Long. “Our groundbreaking upcoming MoMe ARC® 1-Lead Patch, as well as our current 6-Lead Sensor, both embody our unwavering dedication to advancing AI-enabled virtual cardiac telemetry and dramatically improving patient outcomes.” 

Elevating Practices’ Business Intelligence with MoMe Analytics™ 

InfoBionic.Ai is also excited to announce the availability of MoMe Analytics™—a business intelligence solution designed for practices looking to take their remote cardiac monitoring business to peak performance. MoMe Analytics™ in limited release will help practices gain business and clinical performance never seen in remote cardiac monitoring.   

“With new insight under the categories of administrative, clinical, technical, and financial performance, our platform allows each practice to leverage the tremendous potential of their patients’ remote cardiac monitoring data to enable vastly improved business decision-making and elevate cardiac care,” Stuart emphasizes. “By empowering providers to access, understand, and utilize both practice and patient data more effectively in combination, we enable them to unlock new levels of efficiency and take their practice to new heights.” 

Meet the MoMe ARC® at HRS 2024 

There’s more to come for the MoMe ARC® suite of solutions. InfoBionic.Ai will be meeting with attendees and showcasing products at HRS 2024 in Boston from May 16-19. Stop by booth 1267 for a live demo of these exciting new products. Visit to learn more about the MoMe ARC®. 

About InfoBionic.Ai

InfoBionic.Ai is a trailblazing digital health company whose FDA-cleared, third-generation platform, the MoMe® ARC, is revolutionizing the efficiency and economics of cardiac remote patient monitoring. The company’s vision is to eliminate the barriers hindering virtual and remote diagnosis and decision-making, empowering healthcare providers to deliver exceptional care to patients anytime, anywhere. Led by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs with extensive expertise in healthcare, IT, medical devices, and mobile technology, InfoBionic.Ai is committed to transforming the landscape of cardiac care. Visit to learn more.