InfoBionic.Ai and have partnered to create the first comprehensive cardiovascular care solution for the “Cardiology Clinic of the Future.” This collaboration integrates’s virtual care model with InfoBionic.Ai’s advanced cardiac telemetry, offering AI-driven tools for virtual consults, remote monitoring, and diagnostic care. The goal is to enhance clinical insights, improve patient engagement, and boost operational efficiency, ultimately reducing hospitalizations and improving outcomes. 

(BOSTON, MA) May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/—InfoBionic.Ai and are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership that brings together the leading AI-driven technology platforms from both companies to offer the first comprehensive cardiovascular care solution for the “Cardiology Clinic of the Future.”, known for its unique “Virtual Clinic in a Clinic” model, provides an AI-driven technology platform and services enabling cardiology practices to offer virtual care services to their patients while generating new recurring revenue streams. InfoBionic.Ai delivers state-of-the-art AI-enabled cardiac telemetry solutions to cardiology practices nationwide. InfoBionic.Ai’s gold-standard approach consolidates the virtual telemetry service line into a highly efficient and clinically superior tool. With flexible business models, partners can seamlessly integrate their solutions in a way that best fits their existing infrastructure and workflow. 

This unique partnership enables both companies to create the cardiovascular care industry’s first integrated AI-Driven Virtual Consult, RPM, Chronic Care, and diagnostic cardiac monitoring solution, empowering the creation of the “Cardiology Clinic of the Future.” By combining their deep and wide datasets with their AI expertise, and InfoBionic.Ai, aim to create an end-to-end view of a cardiac patient’s condition, providing healthcare providers with unparalleled clinical insights. and InfoBionic.Ai are elevating cardiovascular care by providing new and more effective tools for doctors to diagnose and predict risk. Beyond clinical care, this partnership will deploy AI in all aspects of care delivery including patient engagement and bringing operational efficiency to Cardiology outpatient centers. Ultimately, the goal is reduced hospitalizations and improved outcomes for patients. 

“At InfoBionic.Ai, we believe that partnering with will deliver unmatched value to cardiology practices nationwide. Our combined AI capabilities will enable us to offer healthcare providers a unique, comprehensive solution, empowering them to deliver the highest quality care for their patients. This partnership embodies our shared vision of revolutionizing cardiovascular care with the ‘Cardiology Clinic of the Future,'” says Stuart Long, CEO of InfoBionic.Ai

“We see tremendous synergy between and Infobionic.Ai that will enable us to create a one-of-a-kind cardiology platform benefiting both patients and providers. is excited to collaborate with to move beyond our current go-to-market partnership and develop a fully integrated, AI-driven model that promises innovation in both product and business models for cardiovascular outpatient centers,” says CEO of Banuprasad Dhanakoti.

About is a leader in AI-driven technology platforms, offering cardiology practices a unique “Virtual Clinic in a Clinic” model. This model enables practices to deliver virtual care services while creating new recurring revenue streams. By leveraging its AI expertise, provides comprehensive virtual care solutions that empower cardiologists to offer optimal care to their patients. 

About InfoBionic.Ai 

InfoBionic.Ai’s digital technology has transformed the efficiency and economics of cardiac remote patient monitoring. The company’s vision for its FDA-cleared third-generation platform, the MoMe ARC®, is to remove the roadblocks hindering virtual and remote diagnosis and decision-making. The Massachusetts-based team of seasoned entrepreneurs has had successful careers in healthcare, IT, medical devices, and mobile technology, and brings specific expertise in remote monitoring and cardiology.