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Personalized Medicine

Making healthcare more personalized and proactive.

Healthcare is becoming more personal. Overcoming the limitations of traditional medicine, personalized medicine takes a person’s unique genetic makeup, environment, and lifestyle into account, empowering providers to tailor care to each individual. This shifts the emphasis from reactionary healthcare to truly proactive and personalized care.

InfoBionic.Ai’s MoMe ARC® remote cardiac monitoring system assists in enabling personalized medicine, with a solution that also focuses on the patient as an individual. Every heartbeat is as unique as each patient, and the MoMe ARC® enables providers to see the full picture of their patient’s heart health.

Bringing together a tiered hospital-grade monitoring capability powered by advanced AI-enabled analysis, the MoMe ARC® empowers proactive cardiac interventions and ensures more precise, personalized care at every step of the patient journey.

1 in 4

Personalized medicines now account for more than one of every four drugs the FDA has approved since 2014.1

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The benefits of personalized medicine.

The MoMe ARC® empowers providers to offer more proactive, personalized care to patients, with benefits including:

Icon More Proactive Care

More proactive care.

Consistent continuous monitoring allows providers to enact more proactive virtual care and results in better patient outcomes.

Icon Enhanced Quality Of Life

Enhanced quality of life.

With healthcare tailored to the individual, patients can experience a better quality of life with a provider virtually overseeing their care and remaining ready to take action if necessary.

Icon Reduce Administrative Burden

Reliable, actionable data.

Continuous monitoring of patient health parameters provides a more comprehensive understanding of a patient’s health, enabling personalized interventions and adjustments to treatment plans as needed.

Icon Healthcare Cost Savings

Healthcare cost savings.

By providing targeted treatments through virtual care, personalized medicine has the potential to reduce healthcare costs associated with ineffective treatments, hospitalizations, and managing complications.

Icon Early Detection Of Health Changes

Early detection of health changes.

Virtual care reveals changes in a patient’s health status, allowing healthcare providers to intervene promptly and make treatment changes before complications occur.

Icon Empowerment Of Patients

Empowerment of patients.

Personalized medicine and virtual care involves patients in their treatment decisions, leading to increased patient engagement, adherence to treatment plans, and better outcomes.

Are you ready to leverage personalized medicine for better patient outcomes?

Learn more about what MoMe ARC® can do for you.