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Enhancing healthcare efficiency, starting with the heart.

Healthcare innovation is moving at an unprecedented rate, and breakthroughs have the power to bring life-saving technology to the forefront. As the potential of virtual care, remote monitoring, and artificial intelligence continue to unfold, it’s up to payors to decide how far this technology will take us.

InfoBionic.Ai raises the standard for virtual cardiac telemetry, enabling affordable, accessible, and high-acuity insights that can enhance the efficiency and quality of care for your members. The MoMe ARC® remote cardiac telemetry platform is an innovative solution that provides continuous insight into each patient’s cardiac health, empowering providers to address cardiac risk factors more proactively.

The MoMe ARC® redefines traditional remote monitoring with a full-disclosure model that offers seamless integration, AI-assisted analysis, and advanced connectivity to simplify operations, maximize impact, minimize costly complications, and prepare for value-based care.


53% of healthcare systems say that telemedicine lowers operational costs.1

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The efficiency you want. The care quality your members deserve.

The MoMe ARC® empowers payors to:

Icon Enhance Member Experience

Enhance member experience.

Remote cardiac monitoring not only supports positive outcomes but also enhances patient quality of life with a streamlined, intuitive experience that requires your members to make fewer in-office visits and maximizes diagnostic adherence.

Icon Mitigate Health Disparities

Mitigate health disparities.

High-acuity virtual cardiac telemetry has the power to extend high-quality cardiac monitoring anywhere and everywhere, empowering your members to achieve equitable access and improve health outcomes no matter their location or demographic.

Icon Maintain The Highest Levels Of Security

Protect member data.

Unlock the powerful efficiency gains afforded by AI and machine learning while ensuring your members’ sensitive data is secured with a HIPAA-compliant solution.

Icon Alleviate Rising Healthcare Costs

Transform cost and efficiency.

Enable your members and their providers to more proactively address cardiac risk factors, enhancing the efficiency of interventions and reducing the likelihood of a costly and catastrophic health event.

Icon Prepare For A Value Based Care Future

Prepare for value-based models.

The transition of value-based care is happening, and InfoBionic.Ai enables payors to be ready to experience the transformational benefits this model provides.

Icon Improve Quality

Reduce administrative burden.

With the MoMe ARC®, harness AI-assisted analysis to instantly deliver insights to clinicians, streamline patient records, and minimize prior authorization delays.

“We’re fully focused on improving the efficiency of remote cardiac care, but we also understand that maximizing those processes is impossible without paying mind to optimizing the economics of virtual telemetry as well.”

– Gerry Ibarra, Chief Financial Officer