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Serving those at the heart of cardiac care.

Growing population need and the patient desire for convenience have driven more and more cardiac care to take place virtually, outside of the clinic. Virtual cardiac telemetry provides the high-acuity data needed to inform cardiac interventions in both virtual and physical care settings and does so in a way that is personalized to each patient’s unique cardiac health.

InfoBionic.Ai is proud to unlock a new era of personalized cardiac insight with our dynamic MoMe ARC® remote cardiac monitoring system. MoMe ARC® addresses the historical challenges associated with remote monitoring, including data quality and clinician burden, with a system that presents hospital-grade data and AI-enabled insights to clinicians continuously.

Most importantly, MoMe ARC® focuses not only on quality data but on quality of life. With multiple configurations, a sleek device for easy wear, extended battery life, increased durability, better data, and a constant connection to your clinician, the MoMe ARC® redefines the boundaries of cardiac treatment and fits seamlessly into your everyday life.


Using AI to make diagnoses may reduce treatment costs by up to 50% and improve health outcomes by 40%.1

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The care your heart deserves. The freedom to live with peace of mind.

The MoMe ARC® can help you:

Icon Ensure Peace Of Mind

Collaborate with your physician.

Expedite referrals to specialists with full disclosure data for faster diagnosis and intervention and a user-friendly platform that promotes collaborative, accessible care.

Icon Receive The Highest Quality Of Care

Receive the best care for you.

Reap the benefits of a remote monitoring device that can be tailored for even the most complicated cardiac conditions and provide personalized insights for tailored interventions.

Icon Increase Adherence

Maximize freedom.

With top-of-the-line durability, a reliable connection, configurability, and a convenient form factor, the MoMe ARC® empowers you to address your cardiac care needs without sacrificing your quality of life.

Icon Ensure A Holistic Approach

Give your heart the attention.

Whether you have early-stage cardiac risk factors or have been navigating a chronic condition for decades, MoMe ARC® extends your clinicians’ vantage point and gives your heart the attention it deserves.

Icon Cardiac Monitoring

Enjoy peace of mind.

No matter where you go, 100% of your heartbeats are captured 100% of the time with near real-time analysis—no data gaps and no delays.

Icon Healthcare Cost Savings

Reduce your healthcare costs.

Minimize costly in-patient visits and testing procedures with a solution that enables high acuity monitoring and secure data transmission from anywhere you go.

“I put a mobile cardiac telemetry device on a patient on Friday, it picked up 10-14 asystolic events the following morning, and I was able to get a pacemaker in him that morning. No hospital stay, no ED visit, no unnecessary workups, no delay in diagnosis. Less than 24 hours from MCT hookup to treatment. That’s tremendous value to patients and clinicians.

– Clinician