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Informing intelligent, collaborative cardiac care.

With diverse patients and the critical nature of neurological care, neurologists are capitalizing on the transformative power of virtual telemetry and the ability it provides them to offer extensive, collaborative care that considers the whole picture.

InfoBionic.Ai helps neurologists deliver better patient care through the MoMe ARC®. This cutting-edge virtual telemetry solution enables neurologists to provide more holistic care for patients with brain and nervous system disorders.

The MoMe ARC® offers a full-disclosure model that allows providers to see the whole picture when it comes to patient care, elevating the level of diagnostics when the head and heart are involved. The platform is equipped to support a range of conditions in near real-time, with AI-enabled analysis that can provide neurologists with high-integrity data and insights, ultimately delivering unmatched virtual telemetry support for patients.


Neurological disorders are the leading cause of physical and cognitive disability and currently affect approximately 15% of the worldwide population.1

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The holistic care patients need. The data and collaboration to provide it.

The MoMe ARC® empowers neurologists to:

Icon Collaborate With Ease

Collaborate with ease.

Foster seamless collaboration among neurologists and cardiologists with full-disclosure data and a user-friendly platform, promoting efficient communication and more effective diagnosis and treatment.

Icon Improve Quality

Lessen administrative burden.

Streamline patient records and reporting with AI-assisted data interpretation, empowering more transformative and data-driven care.

Icon Ensure A Holistic Approach

Ensure a holistic approach.

Capture high-integrity information and access data points throughout the patient’s history to make more informed assessments.

Icon Increase Adherence

Power patient engagement.

Gain heightened patient engagement and adherence through our intuitive platform, enhancing overall patient experience, and contributing to improved outcomes in neurological care.

Icon Make Precise Timely Decisions

Make precise, timely decisions.

Near real-time insights into patient conditions and continuous monitoring ensure swift and precise decision-making, allowing neurologists to respond promptly to evolving cases, from routine to complex.

Icon Eliminate Overwhelm

Enjoy configurability and convenience.

The scalable telemetry platform enables configurability for your unique needs and supports evolving care and reimbursement models.

“A patient’s health benefits from clinicians’ ability to access and share timely, valuable insights with ease. Our MoMe ARC® Solution’s AI-enabled reporting allows neurologists and cardiologists to sift through high-volume data with ease and power more timely, effective treatment together.

– Stuart Long, CEO