Introducing the MoMe® ARC

Remote cardiac monitoring that enables better outcomes.

Busy providers today require a flexible and scalable approach to cardiac telemetry that provides them with the acuity and adaptability needed to provide first-class care in any setting. The MoMe ARC® is that solution. It’s the first and only continuous 6-lead FDA-cleared virtual cardiac telemetry platform using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) analysis and a native business intelligence capability that can deliver the quality, convenience, and flexibility providers need to achieve better and more efficient diagnostic remote cardiac monitoring.

The MoMe ARC® brings together a tiered hospital-grade monitoring capability powered by advanced AI-enabled analysis to improve arrhythmia detection, empower proactive cardiac interventions, surface actionable clinical insights, and identify critical cardiac indicators outside traditional monitoring’s line of sight.

*MoMe ARC® 1-Lead Patch is not FDA approved and not for sale in the U.S.

Hd Mome Devices
Mome Sensors

MoMe Sensors

MoMe Sensors are a scalable solution that’s configurable for the provider and convenient for the patient with modular tiered biosensor lead sets that can be tailored to nearly any acuity level.

  • Lightweight sensors support patient freedom
  • Optimized diagnostics for ongoing management
  • Untethered option for extended configurability
Mome Solutions

MoMe Solutions

Utilizing AI to break down barriers between providers and patient data, MoMe® Solutions identifies aberrations and anomalies, alleviates clinical burden, and enables rapid innovation at scale.

  • Robust suite of analytical tools support in-depth ECG analysis
  • Full HIPAA compliance and end-to-end encryption
  • AI-informed performance metrics with MoMe Analytics™
Mome Gateway

MoMe Gateway®

The MoMe Gateway® captures and transmits ECG data in near real-time from connected sensors, providing continuous connectivity and hospital-grade data from nearly anywhere.

  • One chargeable device to transmit and record data
  • Reliable connectivity
  • AI-assisted data interpretation

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