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Simplify the delivery of remote cardiac monitoring services.

Healthcare administrators keep the processes, facilities, and systems patients rely on running efficiently to ensure the delivery of exceptional care. With rising healthcare costs and staff shortages, it is up to health admins to find a sustainable way forward without sacrificing quality of care.

InfoBionic.Ai enables healthcare administrators to uncover unprecedented efficiency in healthcare with the dynamic MoMe ARC®. This innovative solution empowers efficient healthcare practices within hospitals and beyond.

The MoMe ARC® redefines traditional remote monitoring, as it streamlines administrative burden while giving healthcare stakeholders full ownership over processes, data, and billing.


It is expected that remote patient monitoring can save the healthcare industry up to USD $200 billion over the next 25 years.1

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Tomorrow’s virtual care model enabling better healthcare today.

The MoMe ARC® empowers health admins to:

Icon Optimize Efficiency

Optimize operational efficiency.

Eliminate layers of time and cost in the management of cardiac arrhythmia detection with the MoMe ARC®’s intuitive, accessible platform and AI-assisted data interpretation.

Icon Increase Adherence

Increase adherence.

Provide patients with the MoMe ARC®, a platform they love to use, that provides an effortless experience inspiring higher levels of adherence and engagement.

Icon Improve Quality

Eliminate administrative burden.

Reduce administrative overhead and eliminate excess costs in the management of cardiac arrhythmia detection with seamless AI-assisted data interpretation and reporting.

Icon Healthcare Cost Savings

Offer affordable alternatives.

Eliminate the costly intake and treatment fees of in-patient care with a solution that offers the same high-level care without the financial burden of a hospital stay.

Icon Maintain Highest Security

Maintain the highest security.

Ensure regulatory compliance and optimal security for patient data while still providing the benefits and convenience of remote care with a HIPAA-compliant solution.

Icon Improve Insight

Improve oversight.

Make the most of patient monitoring time with access to automated reports and 24-hour ECG data at any time during monitoring.

“Instead of showing patients a text report of their monitor findings, I’m able to log into the user interface and show them what was going on during their symptoms. It has allowed us to engage patients in a very different way.

– Dr. Michael Mazzini, MD