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Powering patient care to go above and beyond.

Virtual care is rapidly evolving, and savvy general practitioners are paying attention. With diverse patients and various applications in their day-to-day practice, GPs are stepping up to the plate to take part in this transformation and capitalize on virtual telemetry’s revolutionary capabilities.

InfoBionic.Ai is helping medical practices experience better outcomes that virtual care can offer with the dynamic MoMe ARC®. This innovative solution enables general practitioners to empower transformative care through virtual telemetry.

The MoMe ARC® offers a full-disclosure model that effectively connects practitioners with their patients, addressing their needs and elevating the level of convenience and care. This virtual telemetry platform is equipped to support a range of conditions in near real-time, from routine to complex, providing seamless support for general practitioners.


80% of providers feel virtual care improves their ability to care for patients.1

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The quality of care your patients deserve. The power to give it to them.

The MoMe ARC® empowers general practitioners to:

Icon Power Collaborative Timely Care

Power collaborative, timely care.

Expedite referrals to specialists with full-disclosure data for faster diagnosis and intervention and a user-friendly platform that promotes collaborative, accessible care for providers and patients alike.

Icon Lessen Administrative Burden

Lessen administrative burden.

Streamline patient records and reporting with AI-assisted data interpretation, empowering more transformative and data-driven care.

Icon Improve Quality

Improve quality.

Extend the benefits of remote patient monitoring to even the most complicated cardiac conditions with a platform that achieves hospital-grade monitoring from anywhere.

Icon Increase Adherence

Increase adherence.

Provide your patients a platform they love to use, with an effortless experience that inspires higher levels of adherence and engagement.

Icon Ensure A Holistic Approach

Guarantee a holistic approach.

Capture high-integrity information and access data points throughout the patient’s history to power more informed assessments.

Icon Enjoy Configurability And Convenience

Enjoy configurability and convenience.

The scalable telemetry platform enables configurability for your unique needs and supports evolving care and reimbursement models.

“Our MoMe ARC® Solution offers both clinical and financial value to providers, as it allows them to work smarter and deliver better care to their patients. It’s transforming the industry more every day.”

– Dave MacCutcheon, Chief Operating Officer