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Emergency Clinicians

Transforming the approach to cardiac emergencies.

Digital healthcare is transforming how care is provided, and emergency clinicians are at the forefront of adaptation on the front lines. Today, emergency care is more innovative than ever—but with lives at stake, there is no limit to where boundaries should be pushed.

InfoBionic.Ai partners with leading emergency care organizations to offer the MoMe ARC®, an innovative solution that enables emergency clinicians to enhance their life-saving decision-making in critical situations through virtual telemetry.

The MoMe ARC® is engineered to redefine remote cardiac arrhythmia detection, offering a near real-time full-disclosure model optimized to enable the fastest response to cardiac emergencies. With its highly configurable device and AI-assisted analysis, it can adapt seamlessly to your needs, from rapid diagnostics to complex cardiac conditions, powering more informed care at any scale.


Remote patient monitoring reduces hospital admissions by 38% and emergency room visits by 51%.1

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The adaptability emergency care demands. The data to do it with confidence.

The MoMe ARC® empowers emergency clinicians to:

Icon Maximize Efficiency

Maximize efficiency.

Deliver the highest standard of emergency care rapidly and efficiently by leveraging AI-assisted analysis for actionable treatment.

Icon Improve Quality

Eliminate clinical burden.

Reduce administrative overhead and eliminate excess costs in patient care with the MoMe ARC®’s seamless AI-assisted data interpretation and analysis.

Icon Quicken Intervention

Quicken intervention.

With the MoMe ARC®, shorten time to diagnosis with access to real-time patient data to enable swift and informed, life-saving decisions during emergencies.

Icon Adapt To Every Use Case

Adapt to every use case.

Create a consistent quality of care across a variety of use cases with flexible settings and a highly configurable device.

Icon Streamline Analysis

See treatment from every angle.

Ensure a complete view of patient history with full-disclosure data and real-time monitoring to inform more comprehensive treatment.

Icon Enable Continuity Of Care

Enable continuity of care.

Continue patient care on the same MoMe ARC® device upon patient discharge.

“When lives are on the line there’s no time to worry if your patient data is up to the task. InfoBionic.Ai enables emergency clinicians to address complex medical needs with reliable patient monitoring through the MoMe ARC®.”

– Marc Goddard, VP of Clinical Services